Membership is free for all New Orleans licensed tour guides and anyone affiliated with a licensed tour company qualifies as a member.

New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries (NOCC) and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC (CTN) plan to exclude all other licensed tour guides and companies from St. Louis Cemeteries Nos. 1 & 2.

The industry is at risk of permanently losing access to cemeteries owned and operated by New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries (NOCC). NOCC and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC (CTN) plan to exclude all other cemetery tour guides and companies from St. Louis Cem. Nos. 1 & 2. Our association is our united front to preserving the public's right to free and reasonable access to the city's historical cemeteries and our right to compete fairly in the cemetery tour industry.

By joining today as a member, you will have a chance to complete a survey providing us with the information we need in our fight to keep Louisiana cemeteries open to the public.

You can read the First Amended Complaint here; it was amended to make this association the plaintiff to demonstrate industry support.

As we gather data from the member surveys, we will present it here.


We have three main reasons to exist:
1) protection of industry and public rights relating to cemeteries, 
2) advancement of industry and public education relating to cemetery law, and
3) maintenance of public cemeteries in order to benefit society and lessen the burdens of government.