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We need your support, even if you are not a New Orleans licensed tour guide or company.

Contact us to register.
Membership is free for all New Orleans licensed tour guides
and anyone affiliated with a licensed tour company.

In 2015, New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries (NOCC) unlawfully closed its cemeteries to the non-paying public. And recently, NOCC and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC (CTN) began to exclude all other licensed tour guides and companies from St. Louis Cemeteries Nos. 1 & 2. Only subject matter approved by NOCC can be mentioned during the only tour available. The price will be arbitrarily fixed by NOCC and CTN, without any free market competition.

Eventually, NOCC will exclude everyone but CTN from all of its 14 historic cemeteries.

We need your support, especially now that we and the general public are at risk of permanently losing our legal right to free and reasonable access to public cemeteries in Louisiana. Our association and our friends are a united front to preserving the public's right to free and reasonable access to the city's public cemeteries and our right to compete fairly in the New Orleans cemetery tour industry.

By registering as our friend and possibly making a donation directly to our litigation law firm, DAVID W. NANCE LAW FIRM LLC, you will help us in our fight to keep Louisiana public cemeteries open to the public. Any cemetery that allows anyone who can pay to be buried there is a public cemetery, located on land that was dedicated to the general public. That means the general public has a right to free and reasonable entry fee and not required tour fee.


We have three main reasons to exist:

1) protect industry and public rights relating to cemeteries, 

2) advance industry and public education relating to cemetery law, and

3) preserve cemeteries to benefit society and lessen the burdens of government.

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