Association of Cemetery Tour Guides & Companies

We are a division of the New Orleans Assoc. of Tour Guides & Cos. You can join one or both of us.


We are dedicated to uniting the New Orleans cemetery tourism industry against the threat of permanently losing free and reasonable access to all of the city's historic cemeteries, to educate the public, and to protect the public's right to free and reasonable access to all New Orleans public cemeteries. And all municipal, religious, and fraternal cemeteries in the state are, by law, dedicated to the general public and the landowner does not have the right to charge a fee to visit.

We are accepting both Members and Friends. Membership is free and open to everyone, except for New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC due to the pending litigation.


Your membership and friendship will help us to preserve each licensed tour guide's right to give tours at St. Louis Cemeteries Nos. 1 & 2 and the public's right to free and reasonable access to all Louisiana public cemeteries. All municipal, fraternal, and religious cemeteries are public cemeteries under Louisiana law..

Our current problems are simply a consequence of us not having already set up a way to contribute financially to the community from which we earn our living. So one of our long-term goals is to collect a small amount from each cemetery tour guest to be used to cover the costs related to cemetery tourism as well as the maintenance, preservation, restoration, and security of these cultural treasures for future generations. We will write the check and our records will be open to the public so you know the money is used properly.

Our current, interim manager is Ms. Jordan Hobson. She is not compensated for her time or costs by the association. Once the current litigation is finalized, Ms. Hobson will arrange for a member vote on whether we should merge into NOATGC or vote in our own manager and six board members: three from companies with 10 or less guides and three from companies with more than 10 guides. The association's operating agreement shall ensure strict ethical and financial standards and keep us focused on the benefit of the industry and public without favoritism.