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Membership is free and open to all New Orleans licensed tour guides and companies, except for New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC due to the current litigation.


We have three main reasons to exist:

1) protect industry and public rights relating to cemeteries, 

2) advance industry and public education relating to cemetery law, and

3) preserve cemeteries to benefit society and lessen the burdens of government.

Protecting the Public's Right to Free Access to Public Cemeteries

Since 2015, New Orleans Archdiocesan Cemeteries d.b.a. Catholic Cemeteries (NOAC) has unlawfully charged mandatory entry and tour fees at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, which is a religious cemetery. All religious cemeteries in Louisiana are dedicated to the general public ensuring free and reasonable access to the public for over 200 years. Now NOAC and Cemetery Tours NOLA LLC (CTN) are unlawfully forcing visitors to pay fixed fees for both entry and a required tour of St. Louis Cemeteries Nos. 1, while excluding all other city-licensed tour guides and companies. NOAC's legal arguments in court evidence their intent to do the same with all of their popular cemeteries.

The industry has needed an association for a while, but we are now united against these threats to (1) the public's right to free and reasonable access to the city's historical cemeteries and (2) our right to compete fairly in the cemetery tour industry.

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